Winter/Spring 2016

Boston VAMC Winter Sports Week at Mt. Sunapee/Boston VAMC Winter Sports Day for Women at Mt. Sunapee

1/2016 Yoga for Disabled Veterans

3/1/2016 Yoga for Disabled Women Veterans

National MS Society

6/3/16  Spring Annual Meeting National MS Society, Concord, NH

Winter/Spring 2015

Community Bridges NH, Annual Meeting for Clients and Families

6/2015  Yoga IS for Everybody and Every Body

Goodlife Center, Concord, NH

2/2015 Senior Fitness – What is it? How to achieve it.

Program: seniorFITassess2

Concord Hospital Center for Health Promotion

3/2015:  How to Develop a Trauma Sensitive Yoga/Meditation Program that Meets Concord’s Needs

Program: traumayoga2

3/2015: Ancient Secrets for Modern Times,  How Yoga and Ayurveda Can Help Your Life Go Better

Program: Ancient Wisdom – Modern Times