Yoga Inspirations

These are things I’ve found interesting and personally helpful and inspirational.
Namaste,  Nancy

Restorative Yoga for Grounding and Soothing

Right click to download and print out.  Enjoy! (This is a pdf I compiled from Yoga Journal to help with the winter stresses.)  Restorative Yoga Poses to soothe and ground

A very beautiful mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum

Again, not strictly yoga but if you’re worried about your health and risk factors….a fun video


Not strictly yoga but potentially very helpful info re weight reduction:
Swedish health advisory body says too much carbohydrate, not fat, leads to obesity

An influential Swedish health organisation has recommended a diet that is low in carbohydrates but not low in fat for people who are overweight or obese or have diabetes.

The advice from the Swedish Council on Health and Technology Assessment is the result of a two year review of 16 000 scientific studies of diet. The recommendation contradicts the generally held belief that people should avoid foods that are rich in fat, especially those high in saturated fat.

The council, which advises the Swedish healthcare system, concluded that the scientific evidence did not support a low fat diet. Instead people should focus on reducing their intake of carbohydrates.

Fredrik Nyström, from the University of Linköping, who helped develop the guidance, recently told the local Swedish newspaper Corren that many of his colleagues had been sceptical about recommending a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. However, they changed their minds when they reviewed the scientific literature.

“It feels great to have this scientific report and that the scepticism towards low carb diets among my colleagues has disappeared during the course of the work. When all recent scientific studies are lined up, the result is indisputable: our deep seated fear of fat is completely unfounded. You don’t get fat from fatty foods,” Nyström said.

The guideline advises that meat and fish rich in fat, along with nuts and olive oils, should form a large part of a healthy diet, while the consumption of pasta, potatoes, and white bread should be reduced.  from the British Medical Journal

Beautiful Tibetan Mantra — The Jewel In The Lotus — om mani padme hum

The sounds of this mantra help us connect to a deeper sense of self acceptance . It’s a reminder we are all Buddha nature, just as we are.

Yoga, Breath and Back Pain……from Leslie Kaminoff

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om
Another nice chant….shanti means LOVE……


A little humor, a little wisdom, the beauty of music…..

Song Of the Spindle from Drew Christie on Vimeo.


Nice thoughts read in Yoga Journal – how to know when yoga really is working for you:

“Some people approach their yoga practice as a break from the world, a separate space where they can recover from life’s stresses and strains. Once they’ve pulled themselves back together, they return to their families and jobs renewed.

What we really want to learn is how to incorporate our yoga practice into the rest of our lives and to respond appropriately to life’s challenges without adding tension. It is at this level that yoga really becomes a deeper practice. You can be under tremendous stress and come back into experiencing your feet on the ground as though it were just another moment of Tadasana (Mountain Pose); or you can receive a big disappointment and be able to drop into your breath, realizing it’s just another moment of practice, and allow the breath to move the feelings through your body.”


This is an adapted yoga warrior sequence from Leslie Kaminoff, posted on Yoga Journal.  It takes about 17 minutes to complete.

TED Talk — a nurse researcher who has done studies on meditation and yoga and why and how it works.


Brief video by yoga educator Leslie Kaminoff.  This is a way to think about your breathing.


A beautiful chant by Jai Uttal singing about the goddess Durga, who represents personal empowerment.