Yoga for Arthritis

The following classes are offered at the Concord Hospital Center for Health Promotion, Concord, NH

(for information about these classes and to register, please contact the center directly at 603-230-7300 or register online at: the concord hospital course registration webpage)


Yoga for Arthritis is a medically based yoga class specifically designed to improve pain and mobility. This gentle class is for individuals currently experiencing chronic mild to moderate joint pain.  The benefits for people with arthritis range from increased strength, balance and flexibility to an improved sense of well being. Yoga offers a comprehensive, progressive, safe and effective approach to healing.  There are over 75 trials published on yoga in major medical journals.

The wear and tear on joints, cartilage and bones that causes pain, swelling and decreased mobility is generally called arthritis.  It can occur at any age though it commonly happens as our bodies age.  People experience it differently and bodies respond differently to various treatment methods.

Many of the postures of yoga are similar to physical therapy, though yoga is not physical therapy.

You will learn:

–Ways to relieve joint and muscle pain.

–Safe modification to poses allowing increased flexibility in the hips, shoulders and back, hands, and knees.

–Strengthening poses to better support your structure including ways to improve posture and alignment

–Relaxation techniques to help you to reduce mental stress often related to chronic pain.

You will receive personalized attention and will be given sequences of poses appropriate for your specific condition. You will develop tools to control pain, avoid further degeneration and restore the natural equilibrium of your joints.

Please consult with your physician to make sure that yoga is appropriate for you.